"Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members - the last, the least, the littlest".

Humanist Watch Salone believes that when people are well informed and empowered to make decisions, and have a sustained income, strong social network and safety net, they are in a much stronger position to advocate for their rights. This philosophy shapes our commitment to affect change and build the capacity of the marginalized in society.


Since inception, Humanist Watch Salone has been implementing projects to promote development communication towards addressing social and developmental issues through knowledge building, bridging social and development gaps, and behavior change among local communities focusing on youth, women, and stakeholders for sustainable social change and development.. Read more

In Honor of the Late Titus Sei Massally

The late Founder and National Coordinator of Humanist Watch Salone, Mr Titus was born on the 27th April 1959 in, Mandu Chiefdom, Kailahun District, Eastern Region, Sierra Leone.

As a father of 3, Titus was a strong family man and had great respect for women, children and his religion. He died in the lord at age 54.

With a very dynamic academic background and intellectual capacity, which includes, Evangelism, Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Sexual Gender Base Violence (SGBV), Sociology, and after going through a host of professional trainings, Titus was inspired and motivated to move from his home town and travel widely both within and outside the country, in the quest to promote human rights and help restore dignity to women and children.

He represented the civil society in a huge number of influential forums at different levels and was basically recognized as an icon for his tremendous roles and power to partner, advocate and push for justice wherever it was needed. He stood strongly for equality and justice.

Titus lived an inspirational job life and believed that his professional life was never going to be complete without creating and nurturing his own brainchild, hence the idea and inception of Humanist Watch Salone, which is a strong legacy and landmark of his work and what he represented throughout his professional life.

He was able to work with popular organizations like YMCA, OXFAM, Open Government Initiative (OGI), Civil Society, Kenema District Human Rights Committee (KDHRC), Non-State Actors (NSA) etc. Among other things, he was very familiar with projects under Human Rights, good governance, HIV/AIDS, Livelihoods & Poverty Alleviation and Sexual Gender Base Violence.


HUWASAL is a National Non-Governmental Organization working on right based approach to development in rural communities of Sierra Leone. The organization has identified internship as one way forward to contribute in enhancing the abilities of students on interested related working profession in human rights and development. It is excited for interns to work with HUWASAL of which they will have the opportunity to test out their potential career and gain career-related experience in an area of interest. Moreover, the organization is in the capacity to infuse new talent and creative workplace energy into the interns thus enables them to be successful in working environment at both national and international levels. The organization internship focuses on human rights and good governance, socio-economic empowerment of the marginalized groups such as women, children, youth, disable and people living with HIV/ AIDS, and public health.


HUWASAL has had students from Njala University, Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, Eastern polytechnic and Sierra Leone Theological College, Church Training Center in Sierra Leone and University of Gothenburg (Sweden). The interns having worked with Humanist Watch Salone gained experience in interpersonal, communication and advocacy skills in working with rural communities. Most interestingly, interns and staff learn more on team work as a supportive approach in ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of individual team member’s performance. Interns’ support to Humanist Watch Salone has be counted as a substantial contributor to the overall successes of the organization.


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